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Babylon: Beyond Borders An International Dialogue around Contemporary Exile

  • Live Stream Event (map)

Presented in partnership with the Bush Theatre (London), Market Theatre Lab (Johannesburg) & Pequeno Ato (São Paulo)

BABYLON: Beyond Borders international collaboration is made possible with support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation

This international LIVE STREAM event, taking place in four countries around the world at the same time, connected via live stream, is Inspired by the Arab Springs where different squares “came to life” and were politically burned simultaneously all over the world. Babylon seeks to find an artistic action between four artists on four continents that will function as a response to their collective commitment to #Disruption.

It is time for artists all over the world to join forces, create an international community and lead a new wave of political revolution. Using art as a global language alongside new technologies and live media, Babylon: Beyond Borders will create both a virtual and emotional space, where we can initiate a dialogue, share narratives and create cross-border actions.

This LIVE STREAM event will feature Sarah Elizabeth Charles and SCOPE (Harlem, New York) collaborating with Pedro Granato (São Paulo, Brazil), Mwenya Kabwe (Johannesburg, South Africa) and Ruthie Osterman (London, UK) presenting a live multi-disciplinary devised work exploring their relationship with the concept of Babylon.